A hygienic and convenient patch that takes care of spots in 1 second

  • 1 second clean touch care

Hygienic and convenient care for spot areas without touching

  • Thin patches that are not noticeable on skin.

Boasts natural adhesion to avoid squeezing, tearing, or touching

  • Protective film care to prevent swelling

It creates a moist environment and quickly absorbs secretions to help soothe the skin and protect the skin from external stimuli.

  • Daily life waterproof

It has excellent adhesion and adherence to make it fit in daily life as well as during exercise, and has a waterproof function that withstands sweat and face washing well.

Size and quantity

  • 10x10mm: 15 pcsX 4 sheets, total of 60 sheets

  • 12x12mm: 12 pcs x 2 sheets, total of 24

How To Use
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